Advantages of Using Tanning Lotion

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Discover the advantages of using a tanning lotion for the next time you get your sunless tan at a tanning bed salon—but make sure you are using the best tanning lotion for any tanning bed.

With the summer months in full swing, it may be time to consider getting that base tan, or if you already have one, then evening out your tan with the use of a sunless tanning bed. When it comes to self-tanning, over the last couple of decades, the tanning bed has become a much more popular option, with its ease of use and the convenience of not needing a nice sunny day—as well as its even tanning capabilities. However, you need to be ready for a tanning bed; you can’t just go in there and expect to lay on the bed without any prep work for it to work at full effectiveness. A special note you should know: always use the best tanning lotions for tanning beds when you are using a tanning bed; other tanning lotions could cause damage to the tanning bed surface.

That is where you find out about the advantages of using tanning lotion. The best tanning lotion for a tanning bed can make your experience a thousand times better, and the results much more visible and less damaging to your skin. So, what are the advantages of using a tanning lotion for a tanning bed?

Easy to Use and Reduces Chances of Mistakes
When you pull out the best tanning lotion for tanning beds and apply it, it is very easy to use, and it gets you much better results overall. Tanning bed lotions are similar to applying moisturizer; it’s just that easy. In fact, tanning lotions include moisturizers in them. However, make sure that, when you are going to use a tanning lotion, especially one of the darker ones, you are wearing clothing that you don’t mind getting stained because it can be hard to remove tanning lotion stains from clothing.

One issue that people have with tanning beds is that their skin dries out, and that it can possibly lead to uneven tans. With the moisturizer available in tanning lotions made for a tanning bed, you’ll get the hydration your skin needs to ensure an even tan—and minimize the other negative effects common with dry skin, such as wrinkles.

Safer for your Skin than Traditional Sun Tanning
Going out into the sun and laying down for hours on end is the traditional way of getting a good tan, but if you aren’t careful with your sunscreen applications, you can greatly increase your odds of damaging your skin, prematurely aging it, or even developing cancers, such as melanoma. Using a tanning bed, you are only subjected to the UV light for a set amount of time, and with the use of the best tanning lotion for any tanning bed, you can reduce the amount of time you need to use a tanning bed for a quality tan. With the moisturizing properties of a tanning lotion, you can ensure your skin can handle the amount of UV you are being bombarded with, and you can minimize the risks of cancers and other skin issues.

More Color
Using the best tanning lotion for a tanning bed, you’ll find that you are able to gain color on your skin faster through your tanning. With a proper, even application of a tanning lotion, your skin is more prepared for the UV light, and with the special ingredient, DHA, the top layer of your skin can gain color more effectively. However, remember that you should not exfoliate your skin after your tanning session, and you should let the lotion do its work; tanning lotion takes up to 24 hours after the tanning session to fully develop your tan. With a quality tanning lotion, you’ll also avoid those less unsightly orange tans and get the right tone for you.

Keep Your Skin Healthy and Youthful
The biggest issue with your skin when it comes to tanning is the drying effect it has on it, which can cause a lot of damage over time. Using the best tanning lotion for a tanning bed you can avoid drying out your skin, and you can even help rejuvenate it. Most tanning lotions will at least have a moisturizer in it to keep your skin hydrated, but many will also infuse vitamins, essential oils, antioxidants, or fruit extracts to further help your skin get a healthy tan and remain vibrant and youthful.

With the many advantages of using the best tanning lotion for a tanning bed for getting your summer tan, you should never go to the tanning salon without one again. Tanning lotions are available online, and in the salon for purchase, so you should never have an excuse to go without one again.

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