How Tanning bed lotions make you happy

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Everyone craves a healthy, perfect glowing tan throughout the year. Moreover, you do not have to stay in the sun for six hours to get that sun kissed glow anymore. Thanks to the advancements in cosmetic technology, anyone can acquire the perfect bronze hue in any season.

Why should you consider sunless tanning? Experts believe that exposure to the sun for more extended hours depletes the skin’s moisture level and increases the risks of skin cancer. On the contrary, tanning beds offer short exposure in a controlled environment, and tanning bed lotions have more advantages than just absorbing the sun-tanning rays.

Here’s another fun fact: Tanning beds make people happy. UV light exposure is said to elevate mood.
Let’s look at how sunless tanning can elevate mood, reasons to use tanning bed lotions, and the various benefits associated with using tanning bed lotions.

The science behind the truth
Darker, bronze skin not only increases self-esteem; it can even elevate people’s mood, according to a study. The skin produces a beta-endorphin when exposed to ultraviolet light. Beta-endorphin is a mood-improving chemical that evokes the feeling of “runners high.” The UV light has a relaxing effect that tanners enjoy.

Reasons why you should always use tanning bed lotions
Many fail to understand the importance of using tanning bed lotions before sunless tanning. It has vital benefits and requires a specific technique to achieve desirable results. To gain a great colour, you should not just rub it in before prepping the skin.

Using tanning bed lotions will ensure that maximum UV light is absorbed into the skin because dry skin repels up to 50% of the ultraviolet light.

Tanning bed lotions can create a lasting and darker tan with the help of bronzers. The more bronzer, the darker the tan you will achieve. For example, Millennium Tanning offers two bronzers for the face and leg for people who want a deeper tan. The facial bronzer has a sensitive formula to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while the leg bronzer has cellulite fighters and hair regrowth inhibitors!

Tanning bed lotions can provide hydration and soften the skin before the procedure. Use the solid black tan extending moisturizer to target tanning and smoothing effects. It’s made with cocoa, shea butter, and argan oils to leave your skin feeling moist and soft.

Applying tanning bed lotions can slow down aging as they are formulated with skin-firming ingredients and chemicals. Our favorite is the hypoallergenic tan maximizer with hemp that contains caffeine to tighten the skin.

The Advantages of Tanning bed lotions
Lower risk of skin cancer: Indoor tanning does not require hours of exposure to UV light. The results come faster with less time spent soaking up the ultraviolet rays. Plus, the skin only gets a controlled, brief exposure, whereas outdoors, its easy to lose track of time get over-exposed. We recommend our customers always follow the written instruction on the tanning bed lotions.

Even skin tone: Tanning bed lotions can give you an even and enhanced glow to your skin after application. Using it regularly can also prevent dry skin and burning sensations.

Develop the tan: It’s worth mentioning that indoor tanning bed lotions have agents that enhance the skin’s ability to tan even after leaving the tanning bed. Your tan continues to develop for hours; as a result, it saves time because you obtain a darker, deeper tan, more quickly. It’s money-saving in the long run as you will not have to go to the salon as often.

Reduce the after-tan odor: tanning bed lotions contain multiple antioxidants and compounds to keep your skin moisturized. However, it also contains anti-bacterial ingredients to remove the odor experienced after tanning.

The Bottom Line
Before beginning the tanning procedure, make sure to prepare your skin through exfoliation and applying tanning bed lotions. Keep in mind that moderation is essential; customers should not book more than 2-3 sessions per week. Customers can even opt for after-tanning lotions such as tan extenders to minimize peeling and flaking. With that being said, always select high-quality products made with safe ingredients to avoid damaging the skin. After all, your skin is at stake. Finally, have a fun and secure tanning experience.