Top Tips to Follow Before Using the Best Tanning Lotions

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What crucial steps do you need to take before using tanning lotions?

What steps do you need to take before tanning? If you aren’t prepared, your tan could turn into a blotchy nightmare. Your tanning lotions for tanning beds can be an excellent resource; however, there are some things to keep in mind before going to the salon. Skin exfoliation, showering, body hair removal, ensuring medical safety, and finding the right clothes are all key components in making the most of your tanning experience. Let’s dive into these critically important tips before using the best tanning lotion!

Exfoliate Your Skin

Tanning lotions for tanning beds can be a great way to help achieve the skin tones you want, but be sure to exfoliate your skin first. Scrubbing your body free of dead skin and dirt helps to ensure that you don’t get stuck with a streaky or patchy tan. The last thing you want is for dirt and dead skin to block out the tanning bed rays or make you spread your tanning lotions unevenly.

Just like with exfoliation, showering before you use tanning lotions for tanning beds helps prepare your skin and get it clean enough for the best darkening results. Dirt or oil on your skin will result in undesirable splotches in your tan and poor UV penetration. If your skin isn’t properly cleaned and your pores are clogged, this can leave you with a less-than-satisfactory tan, so skipping on this step is not recommended. Showering is a step many people don’t realize is so important, but when you’re investing your money and time into tanning, you don’t want such a small task to stop you from achieving the look you want. Showering doesn’t take long, but it can make or break your tanning experience.

Shaving a day before you tan is absolutely essential. You don’t want to shave the day of, because your skin may be sensitive right after shaving; however, it is crucial to ensure your body hair doesn’t interfere with the UV rays. Tanning lotions for tanning beds are a great help to achieve the tone you want, but that won’t matter if the tan doesn’t set evenly. Unshaved body hair causes dotted and poorly distributed tans, which simply wastes all the money you’ve spent to look and feel great. If you want your tanning lotions to work the way they should, shaving is a must. This is especially important for people with thicker body hair, and men in particular typically have to shave their entire bodies prior to a tan.

Check Your Prescriptions & Allergies
Before you invest in tanning lotions for tanning beds, be sure to check any allergies you have or any prescriptions which may not mix well with UV light. While it’s not likely you have an allergy to tanning lotions for tanning beds, different companies use different ingredients, so it’s always best to double-check. Additionally, many prescriptions may increase skin sensitivity to UV rays, so asking your doctor before planning a trip to the tanning beds is always the safest option when you’re on medication. Your health comes first, so taking the extra steps to ensure you won’t have a bad reaction to the tanning lotions or UV rays is vital and should not be overlooked.

Pick Clothes You Don’t Mind Ruining
It’s also a good idea to pick out your clothes in advance, and to choose ones you aren’t overly fond of. Sometimes tanning lotions for tanning beds already include darkening properties that can seriously stain your clothes, so it’s not a great time to wear your favorite bikini or beach clothes. If you don’t have any clothing that you’re willing to stain, heading to a thrift shop to pick up some lower priced clothes can be an effective solution, and you won’t waste brand-new garments.

Overall, there’s a lot to do before you go for a tan, and you should be thoroughly prepared if you want the best use of your tanning lotions for tanning beds. Exfoliation, showering, and shaving are all necessary to prepare your body, and you should also remember to check up on your medical needs, as well as find some clothing you can get messy. Tanning lotions for tanning beds can be an amazing way to achieve the skin tone you desire, so long as you take the right steps beforehand.

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